About Us

Thrive in your life! North Organics CBD is a woman-owned and run business featuring high-quality, specially-formulated organic CBD products for everyday adventurers. Whether you’re new to CBD or know it works for you already, you’ll want to check us out.


North Organics was created with YOU in mind. Gabrielle, our founder, worked in the gym industry for 15 years and has always wanted the best for people. She knew that she wanted to do more, but wasn’t quite sure how to do it. People would go to her for guidance and ask what supplements they should be taking for everyday wellness, which led her to do research on her own since she was curious for herself as to what she should be taking for her overall wellness. Whether Gabrielle is hiking or skiing in the mountains; the last thing she needed was to be slowed down by her aches and pains. There were a lot of products out there that she was taking for everyday pains and sleep, but none seemed to really do the trick. She found herself taking more and more supplements with no real relief. She wanted to be taking natural remedies.

Gabrielle of North Organics - Skiing
Gabrielle of North Organics
Gabrielle of North Organics - Mountain

After some digging, she came across CBD and realized that this is it! This is the product that she would try and see first hand if this would help her. And You know what? It did! She stopped taking pain relievers and sleeping aids after she came across the right CBD products. Whether it’s after a long day of skiing or hiking in the mountains, she found that CBD helped her the most. She believes in CBD so much that she decided to create North Organics and help others just like her. She turned to the most natural route she could find and she wants everyone to benefit from her CBD just like she did!


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